AmazN Publications is the parent company of  AmazN Ecards website. We have created ecards with heart felt messages customers usually don’t find on the market. As a Co-Owner of AmazN Publications, I was inspired to develop AmazN ecards because I could not locate an ecard that expressed empathy for a friend who was mourning during the anniversary of the death of her father. I thought there should be a card to encourage people who were sad or depressed during that monthly or yearly anniversary of the loss of their loved one. Thinking of You on the Anniversary of the Loss of Your Loved One ecard allows you to empathize with your family or friend during that time period in their life. We also created other unique cards such as Thank You ecard specifically written for  Volunteers and Sobriety a Celebration of You ecard. These are only a few of the ecards included in the inventory, but reflect important moments in life that should be acknowledged and celebrated!

AmazN Ecards are not your typical ecards. The AmazN inspirational ecards are designed to convey heartfelt gratitude and love for your family and friends. The purpose of AmazN Ecards is to encourage, inspire, and impart hope to those who are going through a difficult time in life. Sometimes it is difficult to locate an ecard that will encourage someone who was diagnosed with cancer, or lost a job, or who has ended a relationship or marriage. Whether the person received news regarding a fatal illness or the person is feeling discouraged due to circumstances in life, the AmazN inspirational ecards would let them know you haven’t forgotten about them and they are in your thoughts and/or prayers. We also offer a wide array of romantic ecards designed to share your appreciation and compassion for your loved ones.

AmazN Publications have no monthly fees. You select an ecard from the inventory and pay for that ecard. We are hoping you will be pleased with our unique line of ecards. The ecards included in the inventory is only a small gist of our oncoming lineup. We will continually be adding inventory to the website so that we can provide our customers with a wide array of ecards. We look forward to serving you and providing you with the best customer service possible!


AmazN Publications Team